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Ten Step Guide to Get Trademark Registered in India within 3 weeks * Trademark Brands pending examination in India

Good News: Get your Trademark registered in India within 3 weeks by following the 10 steps trademark filing guide in India

Get Trademark Registered in India by hiring professional trademark lawyer in India. Currently, pendency in trademark examination of brand application filed for the registration of a trademark has been brought to less than a month. Trademark filed in late December, 2016 and trademark application filed in January 2017 are already in process of trademark examination. Recently, our client’s trademark has been Advertised before Acceptance in less than 3 weeks from trademark filing date.

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So, by following the ten step process get Trademark Registered in India in 30 days.

  1. Coin a brand name for trademark registration

  2. Select the appropriate Trademark class for your brand

  3. Avoid filing multi class trademark application in class 99

  4. Conduct a trademark search online at Indian Trademark website

  5. Expedite the digitation process by filing online trademark

  6. Get digital signature for signing online trademark forms

  7. Get proprietor code for filing trademark in India

  8. File TM-1 Form for Trademark Registration in India

  9. Attach Stamped Power of Attorney TM-48 (POA) while filing the trademark in India

  10. Wait for formal response from trademark office and reply trademark objection within one month of receiving the formal response

Attention All Trademark Owners who filed Trademark applications in India

According to trademark notice issued by Trade Marks Registry in India, it has identified many trademark applications filed before December 2016 failed at 1st stage of formality check pass. Therefore, those trademark applications have not been examined in India due to compliance issues ( For example, not filing Stamped Power of Attorney (POA)  while filing the trademarks in India). To view the trademark notice click here

The list of filed Trademark applications has been published as follows:

  • Annexure I: Incomplete digitization of the filed Trademark
  • Annexure II: Trademark applications failed in formality check during examination and have been pending for compliance with the office direction.

The Trade Marks Registry in India has directed the trademark attorneys and brand agents to comply with the pending issues for the trademark applications that have failed in Formality check. As a trademark owner you should check if your brand is in this list click here.  Refer the details of trademark filing deficiency and requirement raised by the trademark office.  The trademark applicants should email at, with brief details of such brand applications to remove existing objection and comply with the same.

Example of Trademark compliance issue in India

While taking up the above application for examination under the provisions of Trade Mark Act, 1999 and Trade Marks Rules 2002, it is observed that trademark application could not proceed to examination because of the following reason/s:

* Power of Attorney (TM-48) is not found enclosed along with the trademark application.

* You are required to provide TM-48 with necessary stamp duty..

Therefore, trademark applicants and their trademark agents should include the following details while mailing at and and send the hard copy to the concerned office of Trade Marks Registry

  •  Full and complete Reference Letter No. and date,
  • Trademark application number and the class to which it relates.

Any questions? Get Trademark Registered in India


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