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Tech-Corp Legal LLP, is a leading technology-focused patent law firm that practices in the dynamic field of Corporate and Technology law in India. We are a patent filing law firm in India. Tech-Corp Legal, is a LLP of patent attorneys (agents), trademark attorneys, and lawyers registered with State Bar Councils in India and qualified to practice law throughout India. Our practice is centered on a diverse range of areas encompassing various spheres of science, engineering, and technology.

Patent Procedure and Registration in India

"Protect Your Invention & Idea From Being Copied: File Provisional Patent"

Non Provisional & Provisional Patent Filing

We assist patent applicants, inventors & innovators with the nuances associated with writing patent claims, searching patents to determine patentability of invention and filing patents before the patent office….Read more

International & National Phase PCT Patent Applications

Foreign and International Patent Applications | Patent Drafting India | PCT Patent Application | Patent Drafting Services, Patent Claim Drafting Services for Inventors Worldwide | Tips for understanding different sections of a Patent Draft Application
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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Law Firm in India | Patent Law Firm in New Delhi
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Patent Advisory Services

Developing and Implementing Intellectual Property Strategies | Developing Patent Protection Strategies & Writing Patent Claims to Enable Best Possible Patent Protection For Your Technology
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Patent, Business and Technology Laws

Tech Corp Legal® LLP is one of the few in India emphasizing technology law. As the world moves increasingly into the information age, business of all kinds must be prepared to deal with rapid technological changes. With these changes often come complex and unanticipated legal questions, issues, and opportunities.

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Freedom to Operate FTO for Your Patent & Technology

Research and development cost of a technology is very high and the risks of costly patent infringement litigation and subsequent damages claims by third party require business entities to ensure that they develop and maintain cost-effective Freedom to Operate (FTO) strategies. Freedom-to-operate (FTO) patent searches performed by an experience patent attorney includes a in-depth search of pending patent applications and granted patent applications in a particular jurisdiction where the company wants to launch or manufacture a technology. The clearance search will also include the current legal status of the patent applications identified while conducting the patent search.
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How to Perform USPTO Patent Search for Inventions to determine Novelty & Inventive Step

The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) patent database is a good starting point for inventors to conduct preliminary patent search. The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) patent database includes patent searches for both patent pending applications and granted patents. The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) patent database is a free patent search engine available online to the public.

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Patent Filing Procedure & Patent Prosecution in India

Our patent law firm in India provides Intellectual Property Rights services including Patent filing services in India, Trademark protection, design filing and protection and copyright protection services to global clients in India. Our team of patent Attorneys in India are Registered Patent Agents authorised to file patent applications before Indian Patent Office (IPO). Our team of techno-legal authorised Patent Agents are licensed to practice by the Patent Office of India to file Patent Applications in India on behalf of Indian and foreign companies in India.

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USPTO Patents: Responding to Office Actions Issued by Patent Examiner

An office action is a legal document issued by the USPTO patent examiner after examining the patent claims of the patent specification filed by the patent applicant with respect to the prior art innovation in the same field.

Client Testimonials:

Testimonials From Our Global Clientele – “Prity Khastgir is very dedicated, trustworthy, and great at writing patent descriptions. Prity’s patent writing style is clear and concise.” by David Michaels, eBusiness entrepreneur and Brand Consultant.To Read More….Click Here

“I have just met Prity in the past month. She exceeded my expectations. Since I’m 1/2 way around the world, I thought my patent filing in India would be complex and mysterious. Prity distilled all of the necessary information for me to understand the Indian patent process clearly. She answered all of my questions in a very timely manner, same or next day actually and was very pleasant and accommodating. I will be using her firm for all of my patent and general attorney needs in India from now on.”  — Mark Khan, Industrial Designer

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