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Utility patent in India | How much does Utility Patent Cost

Filing Cost of Utility Patent & Fees of Patent Attorney | Affordable Utility Patent Cost

Utility Patent Cost is an important factor for the startup before investing his money in patenting utility product. Tech Corp Legal, an Indian patent law firm provides patent services for utility patent in India.

Utility Patent Cost for inventor, Utility patent in India, how much does it cost to file Utility Patent in USA

We are sure you must have watched the famous American reality television series Shark Tank where the startups and entrepreneurs pitch their business product to a panel of  investors. Over and again the investors ask the most common question before they decide to invest in their business ventures.

Whether there is any proprietary utility patent rights filed and/ or granted for their business idea


Why Filing Utility Patent Important from Investors Point of View | Utility patent in India

The importance of filing patents is even more important for new ideas developed by the startups which can be copied very easily by any third party. An investor might not invest if there is no patent and intellectual property rights associated with the innovative idea. Many a times even a “patent pending” tag might be a key factor to convince the investor to invest in their business idea. Therefore, filing utility patent is important from investor’s point of view in USA.

Now the question is how much does it cost to file Utility Patent?

It is a known fact that startups and entrepreneurs bootstrap in initial phase of launching their invention and business idea in market. So finding a low cost US patent attorney by the inventor is the need of the hour. Our team of patent lawyers and patent engineers can assist you with searching patent worldwide to determine patentability of your invention. Once the patentability is ascertained filing the Utility Patent is next important step to secure USA patent.

What does a Utility Patent Cost | How much does filing a Utility Patent Cost | Utility patent in India

The utility patent cost will depend on the technology details. The average cost of writing utility patent will be US dollar 1500 to USD 2500. The average utility patent cost will cover writing patent claims by patent attorney. The basic filing official USPTO fees for Utility patent will depend upon the patent applicant status. The USPTO paper filing fee before the USPTO filing counter is US dollar 280.00 for legal entity, USD 140.00 for Small entity and US dollar 70.00 for Micro entity status. The electronic Utility patent filing for US dollar 280.00 for legal entity, USD 70.00 or Small entity and US dollar 70.00 for Micro entity status.

To know more details get a flat fee cost for utility patent application. Consult a patent attorney today for utility patent cost. Utility patent cost can vary if the patent is drafted by US patent attorney or outsourced to expert vendor in India who work in collaboration with US patent lawyers. The utility patent cost can be minimum if you are working our team of patent attorneys who are trained by USPTO patent attorneys. To understand more about utility patent cost send us your information and idea details. We sign NDA before taking up any project. A smart investment in selecting the right patent attorney and patent agent can save your utility patent cost. Utility patent cost made affordable to startups and individuals.

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