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 Patent Search Services for Inventions & Idea Protection

How to research a patent idea to determine whether you should file for patent before the patent office

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A Patent is a legal contract for providing details of the invention. Patent certificate is provided to the patentee to provide protection and exclusive rights for making, using or selling a concept or invention and excludes others from doing the same for 20 years from the date of filing. Before filing for patent it is important to get patent search services from a patent research firm or patent company to determine patentability of the technology. As an innovator your question as to how to research a patent idea will be cleared from this article.

Patent protection is generally the most important form of intellectual property.

Owning a granted patent gives patent owner the right to stop someone else from making, using or selling your invention without your permission for a term of 20 years from the date of filing i.e. the duration of the patent. For a technology to be patentable, it has to pass three patentable criteria for an invention. The invention should be new, should possess an inventive step and must have a commercial application. A patent is a monopoly IP right given to inventors to make money by patent licensing out of there patented invention. Global intelligent patent services provides patent services in India as well as various other countries. The patent services in India includes following offerings:

How to research a patent idea: Patentability of Invention/Prior Art Search as part of Patent Search Services

Our patent engineers can provide you one of the best patentability research and provide you with a prior art search report and analysis. It is one of primary patent service offered by any patent attorney firm. If you’re trying to determine if your idea has already been patented, you can have a search performed on all existing patents and Non-patent literature. Even a single document publicly known which completely discloses your invention forms the prior art under the patent law. A combination of two or more than two prior art documents which form the main elements of your technology will be obvious and non-patentable. The patent search service will  research your idea to tell you whether other patents have already been issued by any patent office across the globe.

Our patent research scientists provide full fledged prior art search service using various paid and freely available patent databases. Our patent searches are conducted by highly experienced professionals patent experts with scientific background. The patent attorneys use the patentability and prior art search to draft your patent in such a manner keeping in view the technical and legal language that is patent worthy. The chances of getting a patent drafted increases the chance of getting a patent grant after examination before the patent office.

The core of the patentability search report includes

  • Global prior art patent searches
  • Country specific prior art patent searches
  • Patent search by company/ organization name
  • Identify important inventors
  • Identify important assignees for licensing opportunities
  • Competitor specific prior art patent searches.

How to research a patent idea by performing novelty invention search

A novelty patent search is performed to analyze whether your idea/ technology /invention is new or not.  The novelty report  provided by the patent expert will tell you whether your invention is novel or not. The search report will include list of selected granted patented, published patents and non-patented literature which will be prior art existing for your technology. The patent search report will also contain legal expert opinion on the novelty of your invention. Our patent lawyers and patent attorneys assist in re-engineering your invention in light of prior art documents identified.

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