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Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

Testimonials From Our Global Clientele

We are grateful to our clients for the feedback they provide, in recognizing our efforts and services we provide to secure their Intellectual Property Rights and Market entry strategy in India and in other foreign countries. Read what some of our clients all over the world have to say about our services…

We needed a quick but detailed patent invalidity analysis in a short time frame, and Rahul Dev, Advocate, provided quick turn around and excellent claim charts and identified prior art patents.

Kermit Lopez, Patent Attorney, ORTIZ & LOPEZ, PLLC

After working on a project with Mr. Rahul I have an impression that he is a competent consultant in due diligence for IP position of potential partners & competitors. His research for my project proved helpful for me in go/no go decision for the partnership. I wish great laurals for him in his career.

Farooq Mustafa Chaudhry, Senior Project Manager (Biotech) at Macter International Ltd

I worked with Rahul to help me with litigation regarding a competitor. He easily understood the problem, did quick and thorough work and delivered a superior product to me. I was very pleased, and the work that he did proved very useful in my (U.S. based) litigation. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Rahul again, the next time that I need research and legal opinions.

David Sundin, SVB Environmental Lubricants, Ambit Investments

Rahul is a very diligent and hard working professional who is adept at utilizing his communication skills and domain knowledge in excelling in his field. During my association with him I found him to be extremely self-motivated and very thorough in his work. One of his admirable qualities is that he is very good in researching any subject matter assigned to him and delivering informative and thought-provoking presentations. He actively took part in group discussions related to patent law and gave very persuasive arguments. I wish him all the best for the future.

– SUMIT ARORA, Deputy Manager – Intellectual Property Rights LG Soft India

Rahul is a very focused and energetic business partner for any client, his ability to articulate and provide quick meaning solutions is commendable. I wish him all the very best.

Pawan Tayla, Head Finance India – Fidelity Worldwide Investment & Art of Living Teacher

I recently got a patent applied through Mr. Rahul. He has in-depth understanding of all aspects of patent application and processing. He anticipates in advance about what could be the probable points where the examiner could weaken the claim and draft the patent application accordingly. He works very efficiently, quickly and professionally. He always respects deadlines. I am more than happy to get the work done. I am already planning few more patents filing through him. I feel my search for an appropriate patent expert has ended after I met Rahul.

-Dr. Vijay Soni, Director:, a medico marketing, medical writing and research company

Mr Rahul Dev is a patient and helpful mentor with my assignments related to Business Law in Singapore. It has given me a good grounding to initiate sound legal research. I am glad to have worked with him in the internship at Tech Corp Legal® LLP.

– Jiawan (Jia Ban) Zhuo (Toh), Seeking Patent Trainee Program

Rahul and team have been consistent in their legal support to Servolve. Their expertise in law and understanding of the start up ecology is a unique mix that is not easy to find. As a person I have found Rahul to be of high integrity and caliber.

– George Mathew, Certified Public Accountant | |

I have worked with Rahul on different types of patent projects. He has a deep understanding as well as practical insight in the practice of patent law in India. He is always prompt to respond and deliver. His dedication and commitment to the patent profession is admirable.

Arjun Bala, Patent Agent, Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA)

Rahul is very obsessive about his work and gets things done quickly and efficiently. He has excellent co-ordination and people relation skills. Amazing grasp of Patents with a sophisticated and unique combination of life sciences and electronics background, making him an all round professional to suit the needs of various industries. He is thorough, honest and committed in all he does. I would definitely recommend him.

Raja Selvam, IP Attorney specialized in Indian Trademarks & Copyrights Law

Rahul is a detail-oriented manager who watches the fine details of project without losing sight of the macro level strategic objective. While working with him to start and set up IP team , I found him self motivated and willing to walk that extra mile to participate in the success saga of the team. I wish him all the best for his promising career ahead in future and expect much more to come from him in his professional life.

Kapil Mishra, Senior Manager – Business Development & Licensing at Biocon

Rahul is my X colleague at BioXcel Corporation. Throughout his stay in BioXcel corporation he has been very dedicated employee. Rahul is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about. He pays attention to even the minute details of his subject and produces his report in a very articulate and self explanatory manner. Working with him has been a great experience and learning. I wish him all the very best for all his future endeavors!

Divya Bhagchandani, Laboratory Consultant at World Wide Medical Products Inc

The confidence and the charm on his face says it all. Rahul is a well learned and extremely diligent professional who drives his work with lot of passion. The innovative methodology that he employs and the intellectual aura that he displays in his work is really commendable. It has been a pleasure to work with him. I wish him luck for all his future endeavors.

Tarun Walia, Experienced Life Science Consulting & Business Development Professional

We worked together during early stages of establishing a new process. Rahul, with his vast experience and in depth knowledge of the IP analytics could steer our group to establish the service vertica. His dilligence and clear thinking makes him a good decision maker and his ability to take his team along makes him stand out as good leader. It has been a great learning experience working with him. I was quite impressed with his understanding of the IP domain and ability to take challenges in this field.

Y. Yogi Raj, Co-Founder and Director at 46 Idea Street

Rahul, as a professional comes across as a target oriented and a focussed professional. He has a very structured and planned approach and is full of innovative ideas. With his sound technical knowledge and sense of understanding, he made his mark in BioXcel. I wish him all the best for all hist future endeavours.

Abhishek Mishra, Senior Manager at Olam International

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