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Chemical Structure Patent Searching Services for Chemical Patent Lawyers & Pharmaceutical Patent Attorneys


Chemical Structure Patent Search Services for scientists, health-professionals, chemists, professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, in-house chemical lawyers and pharmaceutical attorneys.

Chemical structure patent search, SureChEMBL search

Many chemical compounds which are patent worthy are available in the patentscope WIPO database. However, to search relevant patent results a proper chemical structure patent search strategy should be in place. Researching accurate patent chemical compounds is a daunting task if the chemical structure patent search strategy is not in place. In this chemical structure patent article we will cover a list of checklists to be taken in consideration while performing chemistry based searches. The checklist will be helpful for chemical patent lawyers or pharmaceutical patent attorneys. Whether you are working on patent infringement suit involving chemical compounds or a patent  due diligence project for an acquisition, determining the true value of granted chemical patent will be helpful in the long run. When a client approaches you to determine value of a key chemical compound and you want to find how many patents have been filed claiming the key chemical compound or it’s derivative, you need a problem solving approach for your client.

What if you don’t have in-house researchers to perform those chemical structure patent searches.

What is the solution? Follow the following checklist to perform your chemical structure patent search.

How to Conduct a Free Chemical-Structure Patent Search for a Molecule * Chemical Structure Patent Search Methodology

Step 1: Identify key features of the technology based on the information provided.

Step 2: Identify the main independent claims of the granted patent.

Step 3: Identify alternative names of the main chemical compounds including trivial name, commercial name, IUPAC name or CAS name, the International NonProprietary Name, INN InchI, InchIkeys and  Smiles.

Step 4: Identify different spellings of chemical names.

Step 5: Chemical structure research can be carried out in WIPO(patentscope), ChemSpider and Surechembl.

Case Study Example: Chemical patent chemical compound search for mannitol

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Alternative names and structure details for Mannitol

InChI: InChI=1S/C6H14O6/c7-1-3(9)5(11)6(12)4(10)2-8/h3-12H,1-2H2
Molecular Formula: C6H14O6
Molecular Weight: 182.173 g/mol


Aridol, BRN 1721898, Bronchitol, C6-H14-O6, Cordycepic acid, D- mannitol, D-manitol, Diosmol, Hexanehexol, 1,2,3,4,5,6-, Invenex, Isotol, Maniton-S, Manna sugar, Mannazucker, Mannidex, Mannigen, Mannistol, Mannit, Mannite, Mannitol , Mannogem 2080,Marine Crystal, Osmitrol.

The following is a list of active players, inventors working in this research using mannitol

Name No
United States  9104
PCT  6202
Main IPC
Name No
A61K  10391
C07D  6776
A61P  3825
A01N  1996
C12N  1661
C07C  1349
C07H  1214
C07K  1074
C07F  754
C12Q  598
Main Inventor
Name No
McSwiggen James  230
Bagley David  150
Beigelman Leonid  146
MCSWIGGEN, James  132
QUAY, Steven, C.  87
VAISH, Narendra, K.  86
AHMADIAN, Mohammad  83
Hutchison Alan  74
Yuan Jun  70
Clough John M.  66
Main Applicant
Name No
MERCK & CO., INC.  382
Neurogen Corporation  304
Merck & Co., Inc.  278
Imperial Chemical Industries PLC  215
Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.  191
Pub Date
Date No
2007 841
2008 973
2009 971
2010 921
2011 844
2012 734
2013 802
2014 947
2015 886
2016 751

You can search the patent chemical compounds using the above mentioned patent databases. The patent results can be narrowed down with other relevant keywords and/or IPC, CPC, USPC. If you are an independent chemical researcher searching by compound name will not be useful because related structural analogs will have unrelated names. Therefore to find results covering analogs of chemical compound, you need to perform a chemical structure search in patent databases.

What we do

We provide in-depth chemical structure patent search results in easy to use format to scientists, health-professionals, chemists, professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, in-house chemical lawyers and pharmaceutical attorneys. We research chemical molecule data by chemical structure searching. Our chemical structure patent report includes US patents, international patents applications and non-patent literature results. Our chemical structure research expertise includes research for following domains:

Small molecules, new chemical entities, pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery technologies, crystalline forms, stereoisomers, organic molecules, inorganic molecules, peptide chemistry, biochemistry, Amino Acids, Casein or Caseinate Chlorine Compounds, Boron Nitride, Contact Means Analyzer, Custom Peptide Synthesis, Diazo Compounds, Diffusion Transfer Process, Ethanol Production, Ferrofluidics, Foam Panels, Glass Sheeting, Halogen Containing Product, Hydrocarbon Based Waxes, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Reformer, Laminate Adhesive , Monoclonal Antibodies , Organic Chemistry Synthesis , Oxygen Analysis , PCB prototyping, Polymer Plates, Printing Related Chemicals, Refining Process, Silicon Carbide, Single Crystal Diamonds, Solid State NMR, Solvent Extraction , Spray Foam, Structural Adhesive, Surface Bonding Means, Synthesis Gas & Unvulcanized Casing

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