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Basics of Patent Drafting & Writing Patent Claims for Inventions * Provisional Patent Services

Patent Drafting & Writing Patent Claims for Idea Protection Services for International ePCT Patent

Writing patent claims for inventions and Ideas is a skilful art. The patent claims should not be narrow otherwise the patent protection rights would be limited. Writing patents claims is an art to balance the different aspects of the product technology. Provide your patent attorney with element list to describe each element as illustrated in patent drawings along with their functions and advantages. We provide patent writing services by United States trained patent attorneys at fixed legal fees for International patents, Australian patents, Singapore patents, United States patents, European patents and Indian patents.

Our team of patent lawyers focus on helping entrepreneurs to reach their business goals by taking care legal aspect of protecting ideas and products. Intellectual Property firm patent practice is related to a broad range of technical fields with a focus in online healthcare management, mobile applications, electrical engineering, medical electronics, semiconductor devices, electro- mechanical devices, computer architecture and networks, mobile communication technology, industrial automation, biotechnology, medical devices, biochemistry, drug delivery, plant genetics, vaccines, blood controls, biotherapeutic agents, diagnostics, nutritional supplements, and pharmaceutical fields.

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Frequently Asked Top Ten Questions Related to Patent Drafting of Inventions by Inventors * Writing patent claims for inventions

If you are looking for answers related to Writing Strong Patent Applications for Creating & Protecting Inventions & Ideas in United States of America & Internationally, read the following Frequently asked questions (FAQs) by Inventors worldwide. Our international patent attorneys work in association with US patent attorneys and we provide the service of patent claim analysis which is performed by our law firm patent attorneys.

Patent drafting writing patent claims step by step process to write patent application with examples 10 bonus resources – insights by patent attorney| Intellectual Property Patent Firm in India from Rahul Dev

How to proceed writing a Rough Patent Invention Document for a Patent Attorney

Provide the invention details in the INVENTION DISCLOSURE FORM.

Follow up steps by your Patent Attorney

Will Retrieve Invention Information & Ask Logical Questions while conducting INVENTOR’S INTERVIEW and Capture Essence of Invention. When your Patent Attorney conducts INVENTOR’S INTERVIEW he will fully understand the Invention. Provide your Patent Attorney with PATENT SKETCHES by preparing free-hand sketches which will include all features to be claimed for the invention. Proper PATENT SKETCHES are important to structure the patent claims.For example, WEARABLE DEVICE Patent having Smartphone Functions. The patent drawings can include Wearable device, server, electronic device (mobile, PC), User Wearable Device Electronic Device , (Mobile / PC) & Server

The patent attorney after reviewing your invention disclosure invention and rough sketches will write the PATENT CLAIMS. The patent claims will mimic the patent drawings. Any person reading the patent claims should be able to recreate the basic sketches from patent claims.

Patent attorney will write the set of patent claims for inventions & finalise the patent draft

PATENT FIGURES will be finalised by the patent attorney and will convert sketches into formal patent drawings to be submitted before the patent office. The important patent claim elements will be labeled.

The  body of the PATENT DESCRIPTION  will describe the formalised patent drawings and will describe all patent claimed elements with reference to drawings. Finally PATENT ABSTRACT will be drafted which will describe the patent summary.

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