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USPTO Patents Responding to Office Actions Issued by Patent Examiner

Patent Prosecution Services & Replying to Patent Examiners Objections to the InventionPatent USPTO Office Action Response

USPTO Patent Office Actions | Responding to Patent Examiner’s Objections

An office action is a legal document issued by the USPTO patent examiner after examining the patent claims of the patent specification filed by the patent applicant with respect to the prior art innovation in the same field.

It is advisable to take help of a patent expert and consult a patent attorney prior to submitting your patent office action response with the USPTO.

When an office action is issued by the patent examiner, it is very important to reply the patent examiner in a timely manner. The office action response should address patent examiner’s concern. Therefore, it is advisable to take help of a patent expert and consult a patent attorney prior to submitting your patent office action response with the USPTO.

The patent applicant files a patent specification which includes invention details and patent claims. The most important aspect of the patent application are the patent claims. Patent claims defines the scope of the invention. The patent examiner issues an office action setting forth the basis for rejecting one or more patent claims with respect to prior art / novelty patent search conducted by the USPTO patent examiner. The patent applicant responds with amendments  in patent claims/ patent drawings and/or arguments, and the examiner issues a next office action, etc. This process continues until the patent application is allowed, abandoned, or appealed.

How We Handle USPTO Office Actions Responses for Our Clients

A well drafted patent specification needs to prosecuted in a strategic manner. Our patent attorneys have been trained by USPTO registered patent attorneys and with a combined experience of more than 20 years we are able to understand and prepare high quality  responses to the US Patent Office Actions. Therefore, with a strong technical background and research focus approach we are able to prepare high quality responses to the US Patent Office Actions.

Hybrid Patent Prosecution Model

The in-house hybrid model developed by our team has been very useful for individual inventors and startup companies where by the ground work is done by our patent attorneys and the final office action is reviewed by the US based patent attorney. By executing US office action responses in this manner our clients have been able to save thousands of dollars.

Patent Prosecution Services & Replying to Patent Examiners  Objections to the Invention for which a Patent Application is Filed before Indian Patent Office

Understanding the nuances of drafting patent claims for complex inventions is a skill. As our panel of patent experts are well trained in US patent laws, we are able to prosecute Indian patent applications filed before Indian Patent Office in a strategic manner. Therefore, the International exposure and patent training has enabled us to understand the patent claims in a better manner and argue the same before the patent examiner.

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