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Patent search consultancy services for US Patent Search | Search for Patents to determine Patentability of Inventions

How to Perform USPTO Patent Search for Inventions to determine Novelty & Inventive Step

Patent search consultancy services by patent lawyers who have more than 20,000+ hours of experience in patent consulting.

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The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) patent database is a good starting point for inventors to conduct preliminary patent search. The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) patent database includes patent searches for both patent pending applications and granted patents. The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) patent database is a free patent search engine available online to the public. Our patent experts who has techno legal degree provide patent search consultancy services to domestic Indian and overseas clients for more than a decade.

Five Steps Procedure for Patent Searching | Your Patent Consultant for Research

  • Identify the main keywords for your technology

  • Identify the patent classification based on your keywords (IPC /CPC)

  • Select the relevant patent applications. (Read the patent claims and refer the patent drawings)

  • Review Backward and forward citations in the patent applications (Patent & Non-patent References cited by the patent applicant and/or patent examiner may lead you to additional relevant patents)

  • Broaden your United States US patent search

  • Perform US patent search by identified inventor name 

  • Perform PCT WIPO patent search

  • Utilize US patent quick search

  • US patent search by patent publication/ grant number

To research more relevant patent publications use keyword searching on the European Patent Office’s Worldwide Espacenet patent database and search non-patent literature online / offline.

Our team of Patent attorneys have expertise in worldwide Patent analysis, Patent portfolio and landscaping besides Prior art searching, validity searches, Freedom to Operate report and Reporting patent Infringement for granted patents. Get patent search consultancy services from our experienced team of patent lawyers.

Free Patent Research Tools available for inventors, patent applicants and US patent attorneys are as follows:

  • USPTO: US patent database for published and granted US patents
  • WIPO: International patent database including PCT international patent results
  • IPO: Indian Patent Database to search domestic published and granted patents in India
  • ESPACENET: EPO Patent Database

Patent search consultancy | Patent Report Formats for patentability and other important IP analysis:


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