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Our IPR law firm provides services to protect Intellectual property Rights in India. Tech Corp Legal is an IPR law firm providing pct patent filing services, copyright, trademark & industrial design services in India. Intellectual Property Rights, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright in India. We at Tech Corp Legal LLP provide tailor-made services in the Intellectual property Rights (IPR) domain for our clients.

Our Indian law firm provides intellectual property law support services to domestic and foreign clients. We offer cost-effective IP consulting services in all areas of intellectual property law ( patents, trademarks, utility model or design) in India. The law firm works 365/24/7 and offers customized full services to wide array of clients from fortune 500 companies to mid size foreign intellectual property law firms. Over the years, we take pride in creating value for the customer.

Patent Services in India

Patent Drafting| Protection of Inventive Concepts:

Preparation of Utility Patent Applications:

We at Tech Corp Legal provide drafting of patent applications (provisional/ non-provisional) specifically in life-sciences, food technology, automotive, image processing, communications technology, aerospace, computer-implemented inventions and software,  mechanical, electrical, electronics, wireless communication, and pharmaceutical sector.

Patent Drawings/Illustrations : 

Developing patent drawings/figures using state of the art systems.

Patent Search : Patent searches by expert patent researchers

Patentability Search
Validation/Invalidation Patent Search
Freedom to Operate Search| FTO Patent Search
Infringement Analysis/Equivalent Search including Claim Mapping Chart
Patent Information Search
Patent Searches for the state of the art
Competitor’s Patent Search

Patent Compliance Services: 

Our team of technical patent experts review the patent application to create and protect infringement-free patent specification for protecting the client’s innovation.

Competitors Patent Review Services : 

On-going competitor patent review and analyzing scope of the patent claims.

Preparing Patent Office Actions Responses: 

Handling all Office actions, hearing before the patent examiner and PTO correspondences.

Patent proofreading : 

Proofreading of Patent specifications to draft flawless patent application.

Patent Analysis & Portfolio Management:

Our team of expert patent lawyers understand the technology in question and then categorize a patent portfolio of a company according to the needs of the client. We conduct a market analysis in terms of identifying active companies, their areas of technical expertise, and find the family of the patents filed in different jurisdictions. We find the main players in the field of a patent on the basis of commercial viability, infringement aspects, strengths and weaknesses, find the key parameters for future research and analyze licensing terms for a particular patent.

Filing & Prosecuting of Patent Applications :

Regular patent application, ordinary patent filing before the Indian Patent Office
PCT Applications filing before the Indian Patent Office
PCT National Phase Applications filing before the Indian Patent Office
Convention Applications filing before the Indian Patent Office
Handling Office Actions from various jurisdictions including USPTO, EPO and other Asian countries

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Intellectual Property Contract Drafting & Review Services

IP Contractual matters
Intellectual PropertyLicensing agreements
Intellectual Property due diligence analyzes

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Trade Mark| Brand Protection Service in India

Brand Opinion Services
Trade mark  Clearance Searches
Filing of trademark applications, registration procedure
Trade mark Renewal
Trade mark opposition
Trade mark rectification
Action of infringement and passing off
Assignment, licenses and transmission, drafting deed form
Registration of trademark assignment
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Copyright Services in India

Copyright Registration
Copyright Assignment in India
Infringement of a copyright
Software programs copyright;
Drafting deeds for transfer of copyright and royalty

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 Industrial Design Services in India

Preparing, filing, and prosecuting design patent applications;
Design Renewal, Design opposition, infringement procedures in India.

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Patent Advocates & Indian IPR Attorneys

Leading IP firm in India with a team of experienced patent strategy consultants who assist startup businesses with patent filing, patent drafting, & protection of trademarks internationally under madrid protocol. Most recommended full service Intellectual Property & Commercial Patent Law firm in India. Direct representation of parties before WIPO and IPO, Coordination and management of Global IP Prosecution and Litigation matters with patent lawyers worldwide, Global IP Strategy and development of Intellectual Assets, Drafting, reviewing and negotiating IP and Technology Agreements (Licensing, Technology Transfer and Collaboration Agreements), Strong patent claim drafting, preparation and prosecution skills for international applications filed before USPTO, EPO, WIPO, UKIPO, MyIPO, IP Australia, & IPOS.