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How to Write & Draft Patent Claims for Inventions

Learn how to write claims for patents: To begin with analyse the essential components of your invention that you want to protect by filing patent.

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How to write claims for patents 

While writing Patent Claims to protect inventions by capturing novel and inventive features of the invention is a skilful task. Main problem for an inventor is to write strong patent applications by developing patent claim drafting strategy to claim different aspects of the invention in a set patent claims. The main task is to list down the main elements of the invention before writing the patent claims of the invention. The process of patent claim writing is highly technical in nature.

Patent Claim Writing Tips for Inventors

The main elements of the invention without which the invention will not work should be claimed as independent patent claim. The additional features will be claimed as dependent patent claim.

Drafting Writing Sample of Patent Abstract disclosing Computer Software Patent

For example, a computer software patent discloses System for managing social group interactions. The patent relates to a system for managing social group interactions comprising a server that supports creation and management of a plurality of social groups and a plurality of user devices communicatively coupled to the server that is used by a plurality of users. The server supports the registration of each of the plurality of users as members of one or more of the plurality of social groups. The server saves a list of the plurality of social groups in which the one of the plurality of users is currently a member at the one of the plurality of user devices associated with the one of the plurality of users. For example, if a user using the user device is associated with a social group (where he is a member), then the server saves a reference and membership details and even a member list in the user device.How to Write Claims for Patents, Patent writing drafting for computer , patent software mobile applicationsIn the above mentioned computer software patent, the essential elements are server, network and plurality of user devices.

How to Write Claims for Patents: Sample Granted Patent Claim Example

For example, a patent disclosing systems for storing beverages. In this invention, the patent abstract relates to systems for storing beverages, which includes a container for storing, transporting and dispensing a beverage, e.g. beer. In some implementations the container includes a pressure-tight lid closure system including wire bails.

Systems for storing beveragespatent writing software, drafting writing sample

Main Patent Independent Claim
Patent Claim 1. A beverage storage system comprising:
a container body comprising a vacuum sealed metal vessel having a rim which has a non-planar surface,
a lid having a threaded portion and a gas inlet valve; and
an annular elastomeric seal interposed between a bottom surface of the lid and the rim and configured to seal against the non-planar surface of the rim.

Patent Dependent Claim 2. The system of claim 1 wherein the lid further comprises a pressure relief valve.

Patent Dependent Claim 3. The system of claim 1 wherein the container body has a volume of less than 3 liters.

Patent Dependent Claim 4. The system of claim 1 wherein the container body is double-walled.

In the above mentioned patent invention, the main elements are claimed in the independent patent claim. So, the main features of the beverage storage system includes:

  • container body
  • lid
  • elastomeric seal

The optional features and the scope of the main patent elements (container body, lid and elastomeric seal) are narrowed by the dependent claims. For example, the container body is double-walled and has a volume of less than 3 liters.

How to Write Claims for Patents: How to write A Patent Abstract

The patent abstract includes main details of the invention is a concise format [150 characters]. Our patent writers can assist you with writing your patent applications. Although, you may come across patent writing software or do it yourself patent drafting website, it is always advisable to hire a patent attorney to write your patent application. Remember, no two inventions are similar and invention/ idea is the creation of human mind. It is impossible for any software to provide you with accurate steps to draft a good patent application with a broad set of patent claims.


So to save your time and money you should write your rough set of patent claims to start the patent writing process. Then you should prepare patent drawings with element list, flow diagrams or flow charts to explain the best mode of performing the invention. Once done, contact a patent expert attorney to finalise the patent draft. The patent attorney will have to spend less number of hours if you provide proper information in a proper format. However, this might be not the case with every invention. Many a times, our patent attorneys have spent more number of hours then expected when the inventor provides un-necessary details from the point of view of filing a patent.

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