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Mobile Applications and Software Patents – Indian Laws – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Software patents can be granted in India to protect innovative aspects of the computer program, software and mobile applications. Drafting software patent applications is challenging and following patent blogs are aimed at answering questions related to patent laws in India specifically for computer related inventions. Is software intellectual property? The answer is yes and any software can be protected under one or more intellectual property rights. By way of filing software patents for the key elements of the software technology with the hardware combinations, copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks. Each IP right provides the software owner with different type of legal protection. Can a software be patented in India? Software patents in India depends on many factors. It is better to consult patent lawyer to understand software patenting trends in India. Software patents are patents that cover software ideas, algorithms and software based ideas which the developer use in developing softwares.

Patenting software patents can be a good business decision. Software Patenting in India: You cannot get a patent for any software program by itself in India. However, you can get a software patent in India for a software based application embedded in a hardware component or device. The instructions to execute the software algorithm will be executed by the one or more software based modules of the patent. This following section of patents related articles provides an overview of why software startup companies are filing software patents to protect their software.

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Mobile Applications (App) Patents in India | Can a Software be Patented?

Where can I apply or get a patent on an idea regarding mobile app

Software Patents in India – Laws, Cases, Granted Patent Examples – Copyright Protection

patent laws in India for mobile app patents by patent attorneys of international patent law firm

INFOGRAPHIC: APP LAW: Mobile & Software Applications, Patents & Legal Issues

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Can you patent an app idea? APP LAW: Mobile & Software Application

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