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Patent Registration in India

Patent Registration in India Services by top Intellectual Property Law Firm in India

Patent Registration in India Services by top Intellectual Property Law Firm in India

Patent Registration in India for Startup Business & Small Businesses

Securing your intellectual property today is an important task which any individual or company should undertake. Looking at companies like Apple, Dyson, Google, Toyota, Microsoft, and ResMed, you’ll be able to understand why intellectual property protection is vital to everyday startup business activities as well as commercial success.

Patent filing in India offers you and your brand;

Exclusive IPR Rights

When a patent is granted in India for an invention, the patent right provides the patentee with an exclusive right to produce, hire and also sell the claimed invention for profits. Patent rights can last for up to 20 years for the standard utility patent.

Patents Turns all Ideas into Property

The patent turns ideas into “property”, and from there, revenue may be generated. Lots of patent holders license rights to their own invention to another person in exchange for royalty fees or sell the patent for a fee.

Market Share and Deterrent Value

Also, patents allow you to protect your invention as “Patented”, and this deters other people from copying your creation and lets you develop and maintain a safe market share for the invention.

Secure Investment and Government Grants

Lots of inventors or startup firms are hoping to secure investment and government grants to help with commercialization of their invention. However, if you do not own your IP, you cannot offer any security to prospective investors, and it might be hard for you to get grants.

Why Patent with Tech-Corp Legal LLP? | Patent Registration in India

Our patent law firm is one of a few in India who specialize in IPR technology law and also assist inventors to get their patent in India. Our intellectual property right firm and patent attorney India offer tailor made services which are related to intellectual property. As the world becomes more digital, startup businesses must be ready to handle these changes. The changes come with complex legal questions on patentability, brand registration, and trademark as well as opportunities to grow your intellect.

If you have to patent, then you must ensure that;

  • You get the best patent rights in India
  • The granted patent match your own business goals
  • You’re able to enforce the patent rights where necessary.

We specialize in Indian and International patenting. We’ll assist you with each step of the process in a way that is both cost effective and highly professional. If you would love to know more, please contact us.

Our Patent Advisory Services | Patent Registration in India

Patentability Search

Before starting the journey of the patent application, it is vital for an innovator to carry out a patent search. This search helps the patentee to determine the originality of his/her invention and makes the entire process more cost-effective. We offer a report that is inclusive of every similar patent as well as relevant literature, to help you gauge the possibility of a patent grant.

Patent Writing & Patent Drafting

The act of invention drafting of a patent application is a vital aspect of the whole patenting process, and it decides the outcome. It’s here that innovators ideas are translated into document forms. Our patent lawyers India and patent attorneys trained by foreign US patent attorneys are experienced in the field and will take on the job diligently.

Patent Opposition in India

When a patent is granted, it gives an inventor the monopoly right of reproduction and selling a particular invention. Due to the type of a grant, it is disastrous if a patent is awarded to an unworthy or frivolous invention. These opposition proceedings are enabled to curb the instance and our patent attorney India will give a chance to applicants to defend their invention.

Patent Invalidation and Revocation

In spite of the long and rigorous process of patents granting, some unworthy inventions are awarded the status of patents. Though, the legal framework gives grounds on which such patents can be annulled before the date of expiration. The grounds include the existence of prior art, inequitable conduct and intentional withholding of valuable information.

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