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FAQs Related to Intellectual Property 

FAQs in Patents

FAQs in Patents, PCT International Phase Application, PCT International Phase

Over the past few years technology is changing at a fast pace. For example, at one time Blackberry was dominating the market and now it is Apple and Samsung. Many individuals, SMEs small to medium sized businesses are having trouble to cope up with the current needs. There is a need for technology related services and we work with individuals, and SMEs to provide those services which is the need of the hour. We provide an edge in the new digital age to our clients by protecting their intellectual properties associated with their business.

FAQs in Patents Question. What is PCT International Publication?

Answer. Patent Application published on WIPO website database is known as PCT International Publication. To know more about PCT International Publication click here

FAQs in Patents Question. How can one file international patents?

Answer. An inventor inventing any new idea can directly file for an international patent before the WIPO authority. To know more about the process of filing international patents click here

FAQs in Patents Question. How can inventions be protected abroad?

Answer. Depending upon your business goals and market research one can protect their ideas in one or more countries. IP rights are territorial in nature. So if you file for patent protection in America and want to stop someone from copying in Canada, it is not possible until you initially filed for patent protection in Canada. To know more click here

FAQs in Patents Question. What is the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)?

Answer. It is good to know about different mechanisms of filing patents for inventions in one or more countries. According to the PCT treaty, members countries corporate and allow its member nations to file patents in a timeline which is defined by WIPO. To know more click here

FAQs in Patents Question. What is PCT application procedure?

Answer. To know more PCT application procedure click here

FAQs in Patents Question. What is PCT International Phase Application?

Answer. After filing patents before WIPO, the patent application is known as International Patent Application. The patent can be filed under national phase in member countries of the PCT treaty. To know more click here

FAQs in Patents Question. Where can an international PCT patent application be filed?

Answer. An international PCT patent application be filed both in the home country patent office and before the receiving office of WIPO, Geneva via online epct facility. To know more click here

Question. What is ISA (international search authority)?

Answer. ISA (international search authority) as the name suggest is a patent searching authority designated by WIPO. To know more click here

WHAT WE DO: Providing Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property encompasses four distinct areas of law. They include patents, design patent registration, copyright, Brands & trademarks. We can address to your queries from patent registration to protection ( patent infringement studies, and patent oppositions). Moreover, due to the increased complexity of technology and emerging markets in the era of globalization, we value your technology and IP.

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Leading IP firm in India with a team of experienced patent strategy consultants who assist startup businesses with patent filing, patent drafting, & protection of trademarks internationally under madrid protocol. Most recommended full service Intellectual Property & Commercial Patent Law firm in India. Direct representation of parties before WIPO and IPO, Coordination and management of Global IP Prosecution and Litigation matters with patent lawyers worldwide, Global IP Strategy and development of Intellectual Assets, Drafting, reviewing and negotiating IP and Technology Agreements (Licensing, Technology Transfer and Collaboration Agreements), Strong patent claim drafting, preparation and prosecution skills for international applications filed before USPTO, EPO, WIPO, UKIPO, MyIPO, IP Australia, & IPOS.