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Patenting Food Recipe: Fruit Juice Drinks & Beverage Patenting Trends in India

Fruit Juice Drinks & Beverage Patenting Trends in India – Patent Landscape and Analysis 

How to patent drink recipe: New fruit juice & beverage recipe drink can be protected by filing patents. Provide a description of the drink and the recipe for making it. To patent drink or beverage recipe one has to make sure it is new in the market. Now the question is how to determine if a technology is new? The answer is to perform patentability search on online patent databases. One such patent database is USPTO Patent Full-Text Databases to check that the drink invention has not already been patented by any third party. The link USPTO Patent database can be accessed using the USPTO website ( Select “Quick Search” option under the Patents database web page. For worldwide patent searching patentscope (WIPO website) is recommended.

Can we apply patent in India for beverages: The answer is yes!!

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With increased awareness regarding healthy diet and fitness, people in India are getting more conscious about prevention of lifestyle diseases. This approach has led to enormous untapped potential in the fruit juice market in India.

Along with fruit juices, fruit based drinks and fruit nectars have paved their way into the Indian consumer goods market. Also, with a sudden bump in grocery delivery companies, consumers are open to try new products in this food sector to experiment different choices for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

How to patent drink recipe: Competitive Fruit Juice Landscape

Majority of Indian juice market’s share is captured by Coca-Cola’s Maaza brand and PepsiCo’s Slice, with former being a better performer than the latter. With an advent rise in disposable income, fruit juice market in India has seen emergence of different brands, such as, Real, Real Activ, Tropicana, Parle, Godrej, Appy, etc.
However, a through scanning of Indian patent office records suggests that companies that are actively filing patents in India in this sector include, HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED,  COCA-COLA COMPANY, JAGDALE INDUSTRIES LIMITED, COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH (CSIR) and premier research institutes like INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (IIT) and THAPAR INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY are actively filing patents in this category. Foreign company FRIESLAND BRANDS B.V was recently granted a patent for process for concentrating vegetable juice or fruit juice, wherein a permeate stream and a retentate stream are formed by subjecting the Juice to an ultrafiltration step and subjecting the permeate stream to evaporative concentration. Further, the invention relates to the use of the thus obtainable concentrated juice for preparing a vegetable or fruit juice by diluting the concentrate with waterSeeing the patenting trends in the fruit juice sector we are hopeful to see new innovative food products on market shelf which will appeal the masses in near future.

Regulatory Landscape

Ministry of Food Processing, Govt. of India is aiming to provide better cold storage facilities and transportation systems for perishable items, such as fruits, so that farmers can grow them in abundance and make the fruit industry grow multifold in future. Also, what makes this product category lucrative is that 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is allowed in this sector.

How to patent drink recipe: Fruit Juice – Manufacturing Sectors

Along with enormous potential offered by fruit juice products, another sector that is bound to grow is manufacturing of related products, such as, for example, frozen edible products, innovative fruit juice extractors, citrus fruit squeezing machine, Ready to drink compositions, and concentrated fruit juice powder.
Patents filed in this category includes an innovative juicer having two cutters relates to juicer having 
a stationary cutter and a rotary cutter to fully grind food fed into the juicer. The rotary cutter is mounted in a strainer basket and fixed onto a main shaft of an operating motor of the juicer so as to rotate along with the main shaft when the motor is started. The stationary cutter is fixedly connected to a lower end of a feed tube downward extended from a top cover of the juicer to closely locate above and face against the rotary cutter. The stationary and the rotary cutters are provided on lower and upper surfaces, respectively, with a plurality of cutter blades at an inner area and a grinding zone around an outer peripheral area. Any food fed into the juicer is first ground between the two cutters by the cutter blades and any partially ground food is then centrifugally moved to the peripheral grinding zones for further grinding. The juicer may be used to grind fruits and vegetables to produce as much juice as possible or to produce food paste, or be used to grind dried food to produce powder.

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