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About Us

Tech Corp Legal® LLP, an international law firm headquartered in New Delhi, capital of India, with offshore offices in US, UK, China and Singapore, specializes in business law and technology law, and assists a wide variety of clients with many business arrangements, and in structuring technology transactions including: Intellectual Property Protection (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs), Formation of Companies, Technology Transfer, Business Acquisitions, Marketing of Proprietary Information, Competitive & Business Intelligence, Scientific & Financial Due Diligence, Business Governance, Distribution of Technology, Executive Negotiations, Licensing and the like.

Tech Corp Legal® LLP supports all the business law needs of its clients. The Firm works with new and existing companies in planning the appropriate entity to facilitate its activities and the goals of the principles. Formation, financing, governance and shareholder arrangements are part of the Firm's focus. Understanding the business needs underlying the legal requirements enhances the Firm's ability to help clients work to meet their goals, whether they are operating their company, acquiring another company, or being acquired by another entity.

Tech Corp Legal® LLP is one of the few in India emphasizing technology law. As the world moves increasingly into the information age, business of all kinds must be prepared to deal with rapid technological changes. With these changes often come complex and unanticipated legal questions, issues, and opportunities.

Tech Corp Legal® LLP's diverse clientele includes businesses on the cutting edge of technology development, and traditional companies that seek to integrate new technologies into current business practices. Whether negotiating contracts or helping clients understand and cope with regulation, Tech Corp Legal® LLP assists clients in all aspects of structuring technology transactions to bring technology to market. The Firm has worked with businesses engaged in software development, bio-tech devices, construction materials, and the Internet.

Tech Corp Legal® LLP 's clients are not only technology companies, but also mid-size businesses from many different industries such as manufacturing, health care, and service companies. In today's world, these clients also face many different technology law issues. Proprietary information, network security, privacy, E-mail, software development, and an Internet presence are a few examples of issues that confront companies that used to think technology law was only related to companies heavy into R & D.

The firm provides consultancy services in the domain of intellectual property (patent, trademark) to cater to the needs and understanding of individuals, SMEs, law firms and corporate sector across the globe. We have been working for top Fortune 100 companies in US. Over the years, our patent expert team has drafted numerous patent specifications in almost all domains of technology. We draft patent applications, and prosecute jurisdiction specific patent applications for USPTO, EPO, UK, India and other Asian countries according to the client's requirements.

Tech-Corp Legal® LLP
, is a leading technology-focused commercial law firm that practices in the dynamic field of Corporate and Technology law . Organized as a limited liability partnership (LLP) under Indian law, Tech-Corp Legal®, is a LLP of patent attorneys (agents), trademark attorneys, and lawyers registered with State Bar Councils in India and qualified to practice law throughout India. We work for Indian and Foreign clients in India and provide support in projects outside India. Our practice is centered on a diverse range of areas encompassing various spheres of science engineering, and technology.

Tech-Corp Legal® LLP is India's exclusive full spectrum technology & corporate legal consultancy and law firm, while its partner in turn possess deep science background along with advanced degrees in law and management.

At Tech-Corp Legal® LLP, when expertise in a related activity is necessary, an efficient application of legal resources is made through the use of a network of highly skilled practitioners operating at relatively low overhead. While this network of recommended practitioners represents a wide range of skill and expertise, the client pays only for that expertise which is needed for his particular project. There are no costs to be absorbed to maintain the overhead of a large institution or elaborate physical installation. In the present situation, a reverse economy of scale works in favor of the client.

We serve some of start-ups, technology companies, leading corporations, financial institutions, public-sector agencies, industry associations, telecommunications service providers and entrepreneurs, each of whom benefit from our industry knowledge, extensive experience and highly commercial approach.


Our Team


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Our Philosophy

What we offer our clients at Tech-Corp Legal® LLP is a highly efficient, customized and partner-led service, along with an understanding of their respective technologies, inventions, products, industries, issues and needs, as well as an innovative practical, and proactive approach to the project, with a view to secure the best possible results for our clients. In order to apply the appropriate legal expertise , the client is educated. This is necessary to determine the client's goals and educate the client in achieving those goals.



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