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Patent Strategy: Filing a Provisional Patent Application

Provisional Patent Filing is a Good Strategy to Secure Your Intellectual Property Rights in any Country

Provisional Patent Filing Services for Inventors Worldwide
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Filing a provisional patent application for your invention protects your technology from being copied by any third party

Provisional Patent Filing Services:

Formulating a sound patent strategy for your technology driven company is very important in the current era. Across the globe, the in-house patent counsels, heads of research departments, tech based startups and inventors file a preliminary patent application for their invention / idea before the patent office and is known as provisional patent application.

The provisional patent application is a legal document filed before the patent office (For example,  United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Indian Patent Office (IPO) or any other patent office.) If a US national is filing patent before the USPTO, the patent application would be known as U.S. national patent application having validity in U.S. alone. Even though, formal set of patent claims are not mandatory in the provisional patent filing we recommend our clients to write a broad set of patent claims in the provisional patent application. Read our earlier article Why to file a provisional patent application before filing a non-provisional patent specification for more clarity.

However, in order to obtain a granted patent, the patent applicant must fully and particularly describe the invention  in detail and describe the best mode in a complete specification. It is important to remember the deadline for filing Non-provisional patent application. Once the Non-provisional patent application in filed in the home country, one can file international PCT patent before the WIPO.

Missing the deadline for patent filing of complete /non-provisional patent application [12 months from filing provisional patent application] will cause irreparable loss and the provisional application will simply expire.

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