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Imagine that you just found this amazing product on amazon, and you would like to know how the Intellectual Property (IP) law works. Let’s say you want to sell a similar product in the market, but you don’t have the license to sell it. It might be interest to know the process to get a license to sell products with someone else’s Intellectual Property Rights?

As a business enthusiast you should look at this prospective from different angles and not only what is lawful to do in this case. Every step of yours should be an opportunity to understand the market dynamics, build quick solutions to solve existing problems. Remember, people are ready to shell out for problem solving approach.

Coming back to the current issue if you want to sell a similar product, it means you have done your homework well and have identified customers for your product. Without wasting time, one should contact the company and explain them that you are interested in checking out options for collaboration. If there is an agreement “Voila” you guys can work together and introduce the product in different spheres by signing for a licence.

Otherwise, see what kind of  Intellectual Property Rights are associated with the product. For example, a medical device product. Hire a patent attorney to  perform due-dilligence on the patented claims. Identify what features are not patented and re-engineer the same for your product. In this case, you need to make sure you are not infringing their IP or any other IP that other vendor might have with similar products.

If the person doesn’t have a patent, trademark, or copyright on the product you want to copy, then you can copy and market the same as their is no Intellectual Property Rights associated with the product.