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Experienced Patent Attorney having expertise in Consumer Healthcare

Affordable patent attorney who understand your idea and help protect your innovation by filing patents. We work directly with you to understand the main crux of your idea. How much does it cost to get a patent, cost to file a patent, cost to patent an idea, affordable patent attorney cost by experienced patent lawyer trained by USPTO patent attorneys.

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Affordable patent attorney providing patent and design support for important categories in the Consumer Healthcare division. This involves drafting patent applications for new innovation and prosecution of patent applications globally, advising client groups on IP issues, freedom to operate, infringement and validity analysis. Due diligence of third party IP. Advising on IP clauses in contracts.

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Patent Attorney Rahul Dev


The achievement I’m most proud of didn’t start with business plan. It started with the first cheque my client wrote me while I was still in college.

Imagine a busy traffic intersection managed by a single cop ensuring smooth traffic without any bottlenecks.

Now imagine the intersection to be your business & traffic to be your problems. I’m that cop who will solve your problems as top priority to ensure hassle free business by staying on right side of law.


Do you believe that it is difficult to find lawyers who understand your problems? Me too.

Here’s how I assist clients:

Patent drafting & filing strategy for B2C & B2B digital product

Protection of Mobile App’s Intellectual Property via Patents, Copyrights, Website Terms & Vendor Contracts

Wearable device’s patent portfolio protecting hardware, dashboard, app & data analytics software

Medical device patentability analysis, prior art search, provisional & complete patent drafting, patent claims & patent drawings, patent filing in India, PCT, USPTO & EPO, responding to USPTO, UKIPO, MyIPO (Malaysia) & SIPO (Singapore) office actions

Technology Monetization via Patent Licensing & Assignment, Cross-border Technology Transfer Agreement

Angel Investment Round Legal Documents – Term Sheet, Shareholders Agreement (SHA), Employee Stock Options (ESOP), Advisory Agreement, Cofounders Agreement, Employment Contracts

Corporate structuring for raising funds from foreign investors

Investment Agreements – Convertible Notes, CCPS (compulsory convertible preference shares)

Pre-money & post-money business / startup valuation

SaaS Contracts, Product Development Agreement, Mobile App Terms, Privacy Policy

If your goal is to save few $$ & ignore ROI, go for someone “cheaper”

To fill your business with immense value, call me:


Patent Litigation affordable patent attorney Support Services, Patent Infringement, Corporate & IP Strategy, Startups: Incorporation, Funding, Brand Management, Contracts & Agreements, Legal Research, SWOT, Corporate Governance, Due-diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions, Antitrust & Competition Laws, Regulatory Affairs, Freedom-to-Operate, Patent Drafting, Claim Drafting, Patent Searches, Office Actions Response, USPTO Patent appeal briefs, Patent Invalidation Analysis, Patent Opposition, Product-Claim Mapping, Patent Enforcement

Affordable patent attorney: Patent Subject Matter Expertise

Software, Mobile Apps, Radiant energy, Chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer healthcare, cosmetics, biochemistry, petro-chemicals, lubricants, agrochemicals, pesticides, polymer science, metallurgy, electrochemistry, mechanical, electrical, textiles, electronics & other related fields of science & technology.

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