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Mobile Application Patents in India

How to get Mobile App Patents in India? Protecting Mobile App by filing Patents 

Get Your Mobile App Patents in India

Mobile App Patents in India, Patent writing drafting for computer software mobile applications

Mobile App Patents in India: Can I get Mobile App Patents for my business idea ? The answer is yes. You can get Mobile App Patents for important features of the mobile application embedded in a smart phone. So, if you have mobile application worthy of patenting in India, act fast as mobile application which is solving one problem might not be of use in future. To save time avoid patent searching or non-provisional patent filing at step number one. Even for the launch of mobile application lot of research and iterations happen at the back end. Time is of essence. Because it can take time to develop an idea or invention worthy of patenting in India, most Indian mobile app developers choose to file an Indian provisional patent application before the Indian patent office to secure a patent filing date. The Indian provisional patent application is also an utility patent application filed in USA for mobile applications. Will Software code form a part of the mobile patent application? The answer is no. The software code will be protected as copyright and a separate copyright application will be filed before the copyright office.

However, mere having Idea will not get you a patent. Globally, the patent offices have specific criteria to determine whether an Idea is patent worthy. The patent examiner will review the mobile app patent to determine whether your mobile app uses any methods or processes for producing a useful, problem solving, and tangible result is comparison to the prior art available in the public domain. Writing a patent worthy mobile software patent is a skilful task. Get in touch to understand the process to get Mobile App Patents in India.

Software Patents in India – Laws, Cases, Granted Patent Examples – Copyright Protection

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Can you patent an app idea? APP LAW: Mobile & Software Application

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